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May 11, 2016 at 01:49 PM

Input error


Hi Folks,

Please I want to put the value of inventory for each last day of the month in the month ( wich is the parent) .

I have in the hiearchy time Day month quarter and year .

Here is the script i wrote but it's not working because we can not input a value in a parent , could anyone help me .

Thank you.

*XDIM_MEMBERSET KPI_EXTRACTION = EXTR0015 *SUB Inventory("D","M") *WHEN TIME *IS "D" *REC(EXPRESSION = %VALUE%, TIME = "M") *ENDWHEN *COMMIT *ENDSUB Inventory(31.01.2015,2015.01) Inventory(28.02.2015,2015.02) Inventory(31.03.2015,2015.03) Inventory(30.04.2015,2015.04) Inventory(31.05.2015,2015.05) Inventory(30.06.2015,2015.06) Inventory(31.07.2015,2015.07) Inventory(30.08.2015,2015.08) Inventory(30.09.2015,2015.09) Inventory(30.10.2015,2015.10) Inventory(30.11.2015,2015.11) Inventory(30.12.2015,2015.12) Inventory(31.01.2016,2016.01) Inventory(29.02.2016,2016.02) Inventory(31.03.2016,2016.03) Inventory(30.04.2016,2016.04) Inventory(31.05.2016,2016.05) Inventory(30.06.2016,2016.06) Inventory(31.07.2016,2016.07) Inventory(30.08.2016,2016.08) Inventory(30.09.2016,2016.09) Inventory(30.10.2016,2016.10) Inventory(30.11.2016,2016.11) Inventory(30.12.2016,2016.12) Inventory(2016.12,2016) Inventory(2015.12,2015)