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May 11, 2016 at 12:13 PM

Loading Hierarchy ... HANADB ==> BW ==> BPC


Dear All,

I have a COST_CENTER table at HANADB(OLTP). This table - COST_CENTER , contains a column, named PARENT_ID, and it contains parent ID of the key column ID.

What I am able to do:


- Able to create an attribute view on COST_CENTER table at HANADB.

- Create an InfoObject at BW side and this is created on top of COST_CENTER attribute view.

- I am able to view the COST_CENTER data at BW through the InfoObject. I am able to see PARENT_ID column data as well.

What I want to do:


I have created a DIM_COSTCENTER dimension using BPC's web front end. This is created as an InfoObject at BW's end. Here, I need to see the COST_CENTER table's data that is available through an attribute view(created on top of COST_CENTER ).

i.e. I need to see data, including hierarchy, at the DIM_COSTCENTER. The data for this has to come from the attribute view, created on top of the COST_CENTER OLTP table.

How can I do that? I am able to load the ID and DESC data thru data manager package thru EPM add-in. However, I do not know how to load the hierarchy. As the PARENT_ID is just another column having some data(as far as OLTP/HANADB is concerned), I do not know how this column will be treated at BPC side.

Would appreciate any help on this. It seems to be very straight forward, however, I am not able to get it done. Not sure if I miss anything here.