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May 11, 2016 at 12:06 PM

3 questions about DAS/IQ Cache Store usage



I have 3 questions about the IQ cache Store usage

-First can we use an IQ cache Store/SSD with a Simplex Database ?

If yes what are the conditions to meet in order load data into the SSD/IQ cache Store ?

-Under a multiplex configuration : is the DQP + Logical Server are mandatory to load/migrate data into SSD/IQ CAcheSore ?

For instance a client is connected to a physical Node (not a logical Server) of a multiplexe server and this phisycal node has a attched DAS,

in this case, will the data accessed by this client connection will be loaded into the SSD/IQ cache Store ?

-Regarding the DAS port, the message "Started DAS listener on" should be placed in %IQDIR16/logfiles (I running on windows) but in my case this directory is empty (whatever IQ is started as a service or not)

Is there any other solution to check if the DAS lister is UP ?

I'm using SAP IQ/

Many Thanks in advance