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May 11, 2016 at 11:11 AM

Error in 2D & 3D Viewers when opened in SAP GUI 740



We have a custom transaction that uses CL_GUI_CONTROL 2D Viewer and its markup Tool to create a stamp over a picture. The stamp has a particular background color font and text color for each operation.

The background color is visible when created in SAP GUI 720 but not able to create with color in SAP GUI 740.

This image is for reference, the color is missing

the text is being placed on the image using the editor

The Stamp is created this way, and color is being passed.

method SET_PROPERTY is not responding to this annotation

Kindly suggest a solution.


file1.JPG (21.7 kB)
text.JPG (25.0 kB)
stamp.JPG (28.9 kB)
color.JPG (27.2 kB)