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May 11, 2016 at 09:51 AM

MDG-F BC Set Issue


Hi Amazing people,

Hope you all are doing wonderful... Need your help as I always do 🤪

Here we go...

So I am using MDG 7..

And I want to import the standard setting of Finance of CR and edition..

So as expected, I am suppose to activate BC set

1. For Edition CA-MDG-APP-FIN_EDITION_05


But activating both theses BC results in warning..

Since the system was updated from MDG 6.0 to MDG 7.0, I guesses SAP notes must be implemented..

I came across two notes. with regards to this BC sets

1. 1908432 , 2003344 - For MDG 7

Both notes are in "Cannot be implemented" status.

They have provided me some excel sheets in the SAP Note..

Should I upload it somewhere?

Also please note I have DM OG and OF..But I am unable to delete OF even if I run the USMD_DELETE_REPORT program?

Since both DM are present, SAP suggest me to delete OF and work with OG..

What can be done further? Let me know.. Thanks 😕

Thanks and Regards,



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