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May 11, 2016 at 07:35 AM

Warranty Claim: Partner (Header)


Hello Gurus,

I have a previous experience in IS-Auto Warranty where 3 actors are involved:

  1. Dealer
  2. Importer
  3. OEM

In this scenario Dealers via Portal send Warranty claims to the Importer. Because this covers the pre-crediting scenario, the initial version will be IC (Incoming Customer), then OC (Outgoing Customer), subsequently OV and finally IV.

The Partner in claim Header is the customer linked to the Dealer (claimant).

So far so good.

Since I'm working with DBM where the scenario considers only 2 actors I've found few things slightly different:

Only 2 actors:

  1. Dealer
  2. OEM

The current configuration states that the starting category is OV (Outgoing Vendor) and in a second time, after the claim assessment, the IV (Incoming Version) will be created.

The Partner determined in Job Order (Warranty tab) is based on the configuration from /DBM/WTY1 (Customer Number of OEM/Vendor).

Here is the problem:

The Partner determined in JO is the OEM and this will be passed by the BAPI to the Warranty Claim to both the Header and the Version Partner of the OV Version.

Acknowledging that the Partner in Header is a Vendor, I'd expect to find the Vendor linked to the Customer (Dealer). Please correct me if my assumption is wrong.

As per the mentioned scenario and based on your experience would you please let me know what type of Partner I should find in the claim Header (Vendor or Customer) and which partner should be determined (Dealer or OEM)?

Thanks for your time, hope the question is clear.