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May 11, 2016 at 03:16 AM

Need to Create Custom table At Me21n



I am facing one problem, I need to create one Custom table at Me21n Header level.

The table should have 3 columns , Rows should be enables after press the button Addrow and Delete row.

The Screen Number is :: 101

And At Header level Structure is CI_EKKODB.

My doubt is Normally Table means N number of rows like Each document is having may be 1 to n

Document 1 having 5 rows, Document 2 is having 6 rows.

May i know Where should i save the Data, Table means number of Entries. But Ekko is the Header. Always it will be save only one entry.

Where can i add and Save the Data in Ekko or Any custom Table.

Need Your Suggestions please.