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May 10, 2016 at 02:39 PM

Variant configuration integration with Bi-Product


Dear Experts

would like to get some help in below issue ,

my customer is a company working in steel fabrication industry and the business is project system driven ( PS ) and due to the huge number of material master and production orders we have designed below

We are planning to implement a solutions

  1. A) Variant Configuration -- To reduce the Number of Material Master creation
  2. B) Bi-Product Scenario – To reduce the Number of Production Order creation
  3. C) We would be adding both the Variant Configuration and BI-Product Solution to one solution

My question -- The Issue is here the system does not POP-UP with a screen to maintain the characteristics for the BOM Components for the variable configurable Materials

so if any one has worked before with solution which is similar to our case ( material configuration + Co-product ) in one solution please assist me

best regards

Kerolos Khalil


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