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May 10, 2016 at 03:24 PM

Planned cost in KKA2 is different than CN41N


Hello Everyone,

The issue is, in KKA2, the planned cost is 411169 and in CN41N, CJ41 & S_ALR_87013533 the project planned total cost is 321459. Difference of planned cost in KKA2 & CN41N is 411169 - 321459 = 89710.

I found, there is a drop ship PO linked to the project and few line items are deleted, total value of deleted PO line items is 76954, I guess the deleted PO line item total is coming to KKA2. But still total(76954) is 12756 less than the difference of 89710

When I ran CJEN, in detail list there are two entries of every drop ship WBS elements, one is with budget type KSTP, value type 1, period block blank & other with budget type COIN, value type 4, period block 16, Ledger currency value & TC value total is same for both entries.

Please advice why planned cost is different in KKA2 than CN41N