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May 10, 2016 at 01:33 PM

Settlement amount > Available amount (WBS)


Hi people,

Could you help me please?

Maybe the problem we are is because the wrong procedure we are working.

We have a WBS that at the beginning was settled to the "AUC" (Asset) based on 100%.

Now, after the user have entered with more postings, they want to make the settlement again (to AUC) but, with a "specific value (less than they have posted)" instead they have done before (with 100%).

But when they try to make the settlement, the system shows the error:

"Settlement amount > Available amount"

Message n. KD559

You are trying to use a settlement amount rule to settle an amount larger than the amount currently available.

Note that is not apropriate to assign several line items to the same distribution rule group if you wish to settle line itens.

Do you know what is the reason?

If the system in fact already used 100%, he doesn´t allow make the settlement with a different criterion, a specific amount any more?