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May 10, 2016 at 01:27 PM

CL_GUI_ALV_GRID - Editable ALV - Amount field error on pressing TAB


HI All,

I have searched many SCN threads but could find any answer for this. Many has faced this problem but solution is not posted by anyone.

I am using SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPLAY method to display editable ALV but when I am toggling on Amount field with value 2.0 I am getting below errors :

  • Description does not match target field
  • Entry 2.00 does not exist in TCURC (check entry)
  • 1

My field catalog is as follows:

ls_fcat-fieldname = 'ZPREM'. ,

ls_fcat-coltext = text-018.

ls_fcat-ref_table = 'T001'.

ls_fcat-ref_field = 'WAERS'.

ls_fcat-cfieldname = 'DMBTR'.

ls_fcat-decimals_o = 2.

ls_fcat-outputlen = lc_20.

APPEND ls_fcat TO p_lt_fcat.

CLEAR ls_fcat .

Can anybody suggest how to overcome this issue.