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May 10, 2016 at 12:34 PM

Structure of 2LIS_02_ITM (MCEKPO)


Hello ,

The issue i am facing is EKKOL(Condition Group with Vendor) is a standard field of table EKPO.

This field is not present in the source structure 2LIS_02_ITM.

So we created an append structure to MC02M_0ITM. and added a Z-field(ZZEKKOL) for this field.

The issue is when I ONLY change the condition group(EKKOL) for a PO, the PO doesn't appear in Delta Queue (RSA7).

If we change some other fields along with the condition group the PO appears in the Delta queue.

Can you recommend what needs to be done in this case so that when we change ONLY The condition group the details are seen in Delta queue(RSA7)

A user-exit is implemented which is called when running batch jobs to pass data to informatica server.

Logic is written in the user-exit to get data for Condition group for the PO in delta queue and this is passed to Informatica server.


Nishant Patel