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May 10, 2016 at 11:38 AM

Payment Order - how to tag vendor bank accounts with respective payment method


Hi all,

I have particular problem regarding payment order and maybe related to payment wizard and business partner master data.

To depicts my problem here, I'm using example.

Let say I have one supplier called S001. And then this supplier issued 2 invoices with different currency, let say one in USD, the other one in AUD.

Therefore, I already create 2 separate payment methods, one for USD, one for AUD.

The problem arise when I created payment order for this supplier.

After executed the payment wizard, SAP B1 created two different payment orders which are correct, one for USD and one for AUD.

The problem stems from the destination account for the supplier. I maintain 2 business partner bank for this S001 supplier, one for USD and one for AUD.

Supplier Code Country Bank Account No S001 Indonesia Standard Chartered 12345 (US Dollar) S001 Indonesia Standard Chartered 67890 (Australian Dollar)

However, both payment orders documents points to one BP bank only, the default one which row text font being bold. The default one actually the supplier bank account for USD only.

I need to point the AUD payment order to business partner AUD bank as well.

On related note, if I check into business partner bank table / module, there is no field / column to indicate what kind of currency this BP bank actually hold.

Could anyone kindly help me in this matter? Thanks.

Best Regards,

Hendry Wijaya