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May 10, 2016 at 10:07 AM

PP and PM work centers when same group of people working in both production and maintenance


Hello Experts,

I had started a similar discussion but cannot see it any more, so reposting my problem.

In my company, same set of people do both PP and PM work. So far, they had PP module, so were set up as a PP work center but now PM module is being implemented. For PM, we need to set up our own PM work centers.

My concern is that if we set up the same group of people as PM work center again, then it will lead to over estimation of capacity.

Can we use the field 'capacity utilization' in both PP and PM work centers and maintain it as <100 %, i.e. say 50 % for each of them respectively?

Following screenshot, seen in sequence ,show which field I am talking about and how to reach there.

Double click on capacity category 002.

Please guide me how best to configure this SAP


PMwc1.png (24.2 kB)
PMwc2.png (22.5 kB)
PMwc3.png (52.5 kB)