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May 10, 2016 at 09:14 AM

Problem with Index usage (Table DRAW)



Poor system performance, because index draw~1 is not used by all queries

in MSSQL database

We can observe poor system performance on system PRD, while querying

table DRAW in customer program. Analysis with ST05 shows index DRAW~1 is

not always used by query optimizer, although the sql statement is always

the same (Please see screenshot 1 – executing with index). Actualizing

the index with ‘update statistics’ normally fix the issue and for the

next time all queries are using the index. After a certain time period

the index is not used anymore.

In lt_documentkeys_drad are approx. 17.000 entries or more possible.

For saving an document out of our Programm we call SAP BAPIS.

We have already rebuild the index DRAW~1 and update statistics in short

times (every 15 min). Even in this short time period the behaviour takes


Why is index DRAW~1 not used by all queries? How can we ensure that all

statements are using index DRAW~1?

Checked SAP notes:

1016001 - SQL error 1844 for "CREATE INDEX WITH (ONLINE=ON)"

1660220 Microsoft SQL Server: Common misconceptions

1702408 Configuration Parameters for SQL Server 2012

1712785 Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

1744217 MSSQL: Improving the database performance

THX and Best Regards