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May 10, 2016 at 07:37 AM

Display Personal Settings NWBC 5.0 for users


Hallo together,

i hope somebody can help me.

We use recently NWBC 5.0 with the PL12. Now i need some help in the subject "Personal settings" (file NWBCOPTIONS.xml)

Using the NWBC 4.0 i have had the possibility to deactivate, for example,<ShowTechnicalNames Final="False">False</ShowTechnicalNames> and do not show this item for the users. Now (NWBC 5.0) I do not find this possibility, only to deactivate (fade out) all personal settings. (<ShowSettingsMenu>false</ShowSettingsMenu>

I have realy no other possibility as to activate or deactivate all personal settings?

Best regards
Jens Christoffer (Hannover/Germany)

You can answer in Englisch, German or French 😊