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May 10, 2016 at 06:14 AM

Migration of Collaborative Documents to Archive instead of Blog


Dear 1DX team

Thank you for sharing the updates of 1DX during yesterday's call.

I had a question yesterday regarding the content migration of what is called (Collaborative) Documents in the current SCN Jive platform. I couldn't hear the response clearly during the call, but I think Oliver mentioned something along the lines that these will be migrated to the archives since there is no Content Strategy for Documents.

I've checked and indeed found some of the Documents I wrote were in the Community Archive and do not appear in the list of contents under my profile.

I'm not sure about others, but this is a concern for me because I regular post content as Documents. Such content are normally How-To guides or posts that are technical in nature (instead of opinions and reviews which I post as blog). I do this in line with the following guide by Jason Lax as well as the "Knowledge Sharing"/Tutor missions which recommends using Documents knowledge sharing.

The Difference between a Discussion, Blog Post, Document and Wiki

Additionally, I regularly maintain and update these posts, and having them as Documents in the current platform allows the updates to appear in the activity/notification stream. This "notification" element is useful because some of them are like Configuration guide to some of the open source solutions that I publish and regularly enhance. This allows community members following the space to be aware of new features or bug fixes, etc.

My concerns that these are migrated to the archive are:-

1. The archive contents are read only and no longer allow modifications/updates by myself or comments by other users on the content

2. They no longer appear under my list of contents so having them in archive might effectively relegate them to obscurity unless someone knows specifically the search terms needed to find them

I'm wondering if it's possible for these to be migrated into blog posts in the new platform instead. These will allow these documents to continue to be live documents and allow interactions on them.


Eng Swee