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May 09, 2016 at 08:02 PM

EPM Add-in: server report not opening - also COM Add-in doesn't look right


We just started having this issue. Our IT department has now released 2 new Windows workstation images where when we install the EPM Add-in, it ends up not working correctly (we're using EPM 10 for MS Platform, Add-in SP20 or SP25 depending upon bit config of Office, and Windows .NET - we have multiple configs enterprise-wide across over 300 end users). Yes, 2 workstations isn't big in the scope of 300, but so far we haven't been able to find a solution and this is a new image, so there will be more of these if we don't figure out what the cause is now.

One workstation is a 32 bit workstation with 32 bit Office (.NET 3.5) and EPM SP20 installed (can't be upgraded due to limitation of another application used by end user), and the other workstation is a 64 bit workstation (.NET 4.0) with 32 bit Office (needed for some other applications end user uses), so we used EPM SP25 for this one.

The issue is that the EPM Add-in seems to install just fine -- and we've tried both the .exe and the .msp -- and while it mostly functions (you can connect to models, open EPM reports that are saved locally, and you can create new reports locally), it won't open server reports. You click Open Server Report folder, select the report and then nothing happens.

(I saw that this symptom on another SCN thread in the Netweaver platform area , but that had to do with a back-up and restore and we've done none of that - and we're in MS platform, so it's a completely different scenario that I've dismissed as non-applicable.)

We're completely stymied. We did notice that the install (and it was installed as administrator) in the COM add-in listing in Excel doesn't look right. It looks like this (with the mscorree.dll location):

When I know that it should look like this:

Any ideas what's happening with it or other thoughts on troubleshooting? All Windows and Office updates have been installed and no errors came up during installation or at any point when operating within the Add-in.

Thank you,



mscoree.dll.jpg (8.7 kB)
fpmxl.jpg (14.7 kB)