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May 09, 2016 at 06:03 PM

Advanced SLT replication scenario


Hello Experts,

I've been using SLT for some time but mainly for 1:1 replication without changes. Just now tried my first SLT enhancement for read text.

Thanks to Justin Molenaur, HANA Distinguished Engineer and Tinkerer 's blog...

Now I've come across a scenario where I need to transform data; here are few challenges:

1. For any record created in LIPS (Delivery item) in ECC, first I need to get respective orders / statuses from VBAP, VBUK, VBUP etc, then call standard ECC ABAP function module passing on selected data records

2. output of this function module has schedule line information with delivery data (Completely difference granularity and keys than LIPS)

3. This output needs to be written in ZVBEP table in HANA.

In a nutshell, LIPS is source and ZVBEP (same keys as VBEP with one additional column) is destination + ability to call ECC function module.

Is this even possible in SLT? Or should I be looking at BODS/ SDI tools?

Real-time replication is key requirement; if not i'll simply write a program in ECC and dump in a Z table.