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May 09, 2016 at 05:00 PM

GRC 10.1 - ARM - telephone number is getting changed when stored in a specific format


We are having a problem in GRC 10.1 SP 10 when an access request is submitted (change request). The telephone number in SU01 is being split up. It seems to happen if the telephone number are in specific formats. Can anyone confirm if this happens on newer support packs, or have any recommendations?

The format that we seem to be having problems with are shown below.

Test 1:Old Value: Telephone number = 123-456-7890

New Value: Telephone Number = 123456

New Value: Extension = 7890

Test 2: Old Value: Telephone number (123) 456-7890 *This seems to occur if there is a space after (123)

New Value: Telephone Number: (123) 456

New Value: Extension: 7890

I checked the Maintain End User Personalization settings, and the telephone fields are not editable, so realistically this should not be updating at all.


Salim Assaf