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May 09, 2016 at 03:11 PM

How to evalauate Complex CKFs built in Bex Queires


Hi Gurus,

I am wondering, is their any way we can evaluate the complex nested existing CFKs to see how to they behave since it is very difficult for a new comer to gain understanding the CKFs built & logic besides it.

Let say for example , I open a CKFs & I found it is build or addition of other another 2 CKFs. When I start drilling these 2 CKFs , I found these are further nested with multiple CKFs & RKFs in it.

Under such scenario , It is difficult to debug or answering questions why this particular column is empty or contains a right/wrong data.

Attaching a scenario, please provide on your experiences how to deal with such scenarios.

Here for this scenario my favorite Bex Option ( running in RSRT , then selecting the Key figure -.right click->extended menu-> key figure details-> details also do not work which gives all the static & dynamic filters used to fetch the report value .

Best Regards,



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