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May 09, 2016 at 01:16 PM

BPC datamanager Package Failed with ALL selection


Dear All

We have a package for doing calculations for which we made three prompts viz., Account, Entity and Time.

We requested user to select nodes at higher level and run the package and our script has variables to retrieve basemmebrs as bas(Account dimensions) and bas(enity time) and etcs.,

But user sometimes leaving the prompt blank and running the package, We believe that leaving prompt blank will take <ALL> by default. Please correct if we are wrong?

and the package failing with the below error "An exception with the type CX_SY_ZERODIVIDE occurred, but was neither handled locally, nor declared in a RAISING clause Division by zero” ""

We are assuming that Bas(<ALL> ) is un identified and failed because of this reason .

However we requested user to select some node instead of selecting <ALL> .

But user wants to package to run on <ALL> combinations. If it has to go like this, we believe we have to remove the variable for Account,entity and Time i.e Account = bas(Account dim) so that it will get all bas members in that dimension.

However if we do so, the package ran for several hours and ended with error, and soometimes never eneded , we had to kill the process in backend.

Please advise , if user wants to run on all data if there is any limitation in Script logic or any system settings ?