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May 09, 2016 at 12:36 PM

SAP Screen Personas 2.0: Script error, most likely because of Screen Personas dysfunctionality and no idea how to handle?


Hello everybody,

SAP Screen Personas 2.0 generate the following script, if I record to open the selection variant-button in ME21N (Document Overwiev on) and select an entry in the DropDown:


1.step (open DropDown):

Command 'Right click' on the following ID: ses[0]/wnd[0]/dockcnt/splitcnt/cell[0][1]/tbar/dropmenuSELECT

2.step (select entry in DropDown):

Command 'Select' on ID: ses[0]/wnd[0]/dockcnt/splitcnt/cell[0][1]/tbar/dropmenuSELECT/menuCONTEXT/item0050568E34721ED684ED6153F966022DNEWPO_QUERY

If I insert the recording in a script button and try it immediately, it works fine. But if I leave the transaction and come back, it will not work anymore!

I have an assummption: Maybe the ID from the second step is influenced by the mouse position or something other, because when I make a new recording, the ID will always chance. Here are any examples for an other ID from the second step from other recordings:




If I make the ID shorter, it will not work anymore, or I don't cut it in the right way.

I try it with IE and Firefox, we've implented earlier the notes 2194262, 2235274, 2274219 and add in index.html and nwbc.html the line: <param name="source" value="ClientBin/PersonasUI_V1.5.000.xap?version=1.5.120"/>. Newer notes doesn't seem to match this issue.

Have everybody an idea how is it possible to insert this step in a script button?

Thanks a lot for answers.


Button.JPG (22.4 kB)
Error.JPG (23.0 kB)