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May 09, 2016 at 11:59 AM

Cloud for Customer Address Checks



We have Cloud for Customer connected to our On Premise SAP CRM system, accounts are mastered in CRM and replicated to C4C. Contacts (Business Partners) can be created and edited in either system - replication then occurs to the other system.

In our fine-tuning/scoping we have "Address Checks" > "Allow saving of inconsistent addresses" turned-on/flagged. I understand that from this post that flagging this option will speed-up the initial load.

Having this option flagged means you can enter poor data e.g. invalid email addresses in C4C. When these replicate to CRM we get error messages because CRM correctly reports an invalid email address.

The solution seems to be to unflag this option - does anyone have any experience of this or any possible downsides? Is anyone integrating C4C with an external system and have you chosen to keep this option flagged?

Thanks, Chris