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May 09, 2016 at 11:17 AM

Credit control account


Hi Knowledge ,

I am new to Credit management , searched the forum for help . I am not able to find the appropriate solution . taking forward .

We have a requirement where child and parent credit relation is used .

The credit account for the customers needs to be changed .

Customer Account Existing CR limit Customer group

1 1 100 A

2 1 - A

3 3 50 A

4 1 - A

Now we need to change the account 3 to 1 Which as a credit limit 50.

What all the sequence of steps to follow ?

2 customers refer to account 69 -> see customer for credit account

Message no. F4710


Customer 69is a credit account for 2 other customers. Since a two-level reference is not possible, customer

69cannot belong to another credit account.


If changes are to be made, they must be carried out in a consistent sequence. Only if the list of customers for whom

69 is the credit account is empty, can a customer manage his credit limit with another customer.