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Mar 02, 2006 at 07:20 PM

Re: Results of our RFID Online Meet-up [4][What is ALE? ]


The ALE (Application Link Enabling)is a business solution to a very real need emerging in the SAP market. This is the need for businesses to move towards tighter integration between systems, yet, at the same time, provide independence to the various business units within the company.

It allows distribution of your applications across several SAP systems, such that centralized functions, as well as decentralized functions can operate in the same company arena maintain and distribute master data elements from a central system, thus maintaining unique number ranges across several systems maintain and distribute control data objects from a central system, thus synchronizing important configuration data. This is important when trying to decentralise functions, yet keep them integrated two R/3 systems, in some instances

couple SAP and external systems. We have used ALE to maintain the ORganization chart between two different Production systems.