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Feb 07, 2017 at 10:22 PM

SAP IS MatchReview Error Index 2 Size: 2


Hello everyones,

We actually running a MatchReviews agains SAP ASE 15.7 DB as Stagging tables source, all matchreview runs fine but when we clic over some groups to review the results the error Appears:

Our env. details are:

OS = RedHat 6.6

SAP DS 4.2 SP6 patch 5 + SAP IS 4.2 SP6 patch 5 + SAP BIP 4.1 Sp7 standalone deploy with tomcat as web server and SQLAnywhere as default Repository.

All other its working fine just this particular issue when try to clic over specifics groups.


screenshot-2.jpg (9.5 kB)