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Inspection Machine values to SAP

Hi Experts,

I have a machine used for inspecting the incoming purchased materials. Using its own software and technology involved in this enable measuring characteristics values and record the results in its own database.

In current SAP System we don't have detailing inspection plan as like as what exactly the characteristics and its sequencing involved during inspection against of inspection lot & that material requires.

We have generic inspection plan not the specific one in SAP, eventually we are not recording the inspected results in SAP QM result recording screen, it is done outside SAP system.

Now Business requirement is to upload the results automatically in SAP results recording screen as soon as Inspection machine stored the inspection results so as to keeping QM process streamline and systematically in SAP system to have better QM visibility and control.

What are all the better options available currently to integrate Inspected results being stored in Inspection Machine to SAP results recording screen.

How much Technical development involved, what kind of inputs we need to give for developer in case of development. Do we have easiest, less time consuming(i.e development) and better tool to integrate. What are all the challenging's might face and additional data maintenance and pre requisites required.

Thanks a lot for your patience and your help is appreciated.

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    May 08, 2016 at 07:39 PM

    This is basically similar to a LIMS integration. So much depends on your inspection machine. But i think you want to look at LIMS intergration. Then you can send an Idoc to the machine. The Machine can read the requirements and create an I-doc to send back with your results.

    That's a simple overview but your requirement is probably going to way more extensive than a forum like this can give you.

    You also need to talk to you machince provider. They might have done something like this for another clietn already and can help you.


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    • Hi Rajender,

      As Craig rightly suggested you can explore the Idoc QALITY02, segment E1CCI01 to send the QM results form LiMS system to SAP as Inbound Idoc. Normally this process used my MES system to transfer inspection results, though may not be limited to this purpose only.

      There can be another mechanism of pushing the inspection lot details (Based on QDR profile at Work Center) to QIWL table, and then transfer the requirement to external system through LiMS. Then once these details are received in external system, the inspection lot system status can be changed as 'blocked'. Then Interface can post the results back to SAP via RFC and the QIWL status gets changed appropriately. For these purpose, you can explore the FM's QIRF*. Normally this process is adopted by LiMS vendors, but this process needs to be routed through middleware (PI/XI), looking into the severity, complexity, integrity and susceptibility of the system being used. But this may not be only limited to the said process though.

      Then main agenda here is to what details being send to SAP for record/audit purpose by your LiMS vendor (Ex; STARLiMS... ). Please also note that there could be many additional evolution features available in LiMS local application, which are unique in nature, and at detailed level may not be available/send to SAP. So they still retains relevance even after interfaced with SAP, you need to consider that part too during system design.

      Off course, none of the processes you adopt could be a quick fix one, and they may need some bit of technical expertise, technical expertise, etc. The proposed 2nd solution will be consume reasonable more efforts than the 1st solution Craig proposed with Idocs. More importantly, the stability of 1st solution is quite high, and may end up with low maintenance costs too, as this is pretty simpler in process to adopt. hope this clarifies some of the other points you may be thinking about.