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May 08, 2016 at 02:35 AM

Information needed on DDIC Table in BRF+


Hello GRC Team,

I do have a small doubt in BRF+ inspite of going through various documents and blogs in GRC Space.

While creating a table in brf+ application, sometimes I see this kind of information on DDIC table.

The table created has to be of Binding Type DDIC Table and DDIC Type Name GRAC_T_WS_RA_OP_RISK_ANLYS_ID which includes something like this

Also check whether result data object is: GRFN_MW_S_ROUTING

For Example if you go through this image

Where will I get the information about which DDIC Table and DDIC type name should be used for a specific BRF+ Application depending on the scenario?

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.


Deepak M


5.png (40.6 kB)