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May 06, 2016 at 01:59 PM

231 Stock reservation


Dear SD Experts,

I have reserved the stock againest sales orders by using Movment type 231 In MB21 Transaction.

But After that I am not able to create PGI.

In item category special stock is E.

Please tell me any other settings to be done.

Error is : This sales order does not have the stock.

But if I remove the special stock E ...I am able to create the pgi from Free stock with out reservation.

Now My problem

MMBE Stock : 1000

SO created with reservation : 300 qnty

Now reserved stock : 300 and availability stock 700

Now created another sales order with 900 qnty......Here system should not allow PGI beceause no stock available.

But system fetching the stock from 1000 irrespective of reserved stock...

Please let me know where I did wrong....