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May 06, 2016 at 01:16 PM

Query filter dosn't work with input variable


Hi all,

I have a query and in a filter i have value ( FV270, FV270) for characteristic (ZINVESTYP).

And i have manual input variable (VAR_INVESTYP_S1) for this characteristic.

When user opened the query and selected value from list, filter in the query is work fine.

But when a user sets the out filter value manually then filter doesn't work

and template opens for input - it's not correct.

Why the filter does't work and template opens for input? How to make the filter worked?

Please help to solve the problem.

P.S. we have BW 7.0


1.png (28.5 kB)
2.png (32.9 kB)
3.png (20.0 kB)
4.png (19.3 kB)