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May 06, 2016 at 12:28 PM

Print FI after changes in header (customer name and sold-to)


Dear All,

As this is my first posting in this community please consider if any data is missing.

I work in finance more than 15 years now however always with Oracle.

Now I have changed companies and work with SAP however some doubts can´t be managed by our local IT team.

I know, at least in Oracle, that when changes are done in a customer master data (name in this case) if we re-process the invoice and request a print the new PDF document have the changed data.

In this case I had a SD open in customer A but meanwhile the SD have been changed to customer B, but once the changes were done in SD, the invoice have been printed with old company name and tax data.

So, in SAP I have it OK but when printing, and for audit purposes, it´s wrong.

Everyone says the only way is to Credit & Rebill but (and once invoice is paid), I really would like to know if I can do this in SAP as well.

Something like reprocessing or re-consolidate forms from the actual GL data and not from initial GL data...

Can you help?