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May 06, 2016 at 12:02 PM

hyperlink colors Issue


Hi All,

I am trying to set colors for Hyperlink in 4.1. Visited and Unvisited are appearing in reverse order by default without even clicking on it.

Once I click the link it is not changing the color.

I am following below steps. It is not working.

To set hyperlink colors You can set the colors of hyperlinks in documents in Web Intelligence.

1. Open a Web Intelligence document in Design mode.

2. Right-click a blank area on the report that contains hyperlinks and select Format Report.

3. In the Format Report dialog box, click the Appearance tab.

4. In the Hyperlink color section, click the arrows next to Visited and Unvisited, then either select a predefined color or click More colors to define a custom color.

5. Click OK to close the Format Report dialog box.

Can someone help me?


Abdul Majeed Mohammed