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May 06, 2016 at 11:08 AM

Agentry requesting public key from server communication failure (14)



My environment is: SMP 3.0 SP10, Agentry Server v130.11.0.489, SAP Work Manger 6.3 and SAP Inventory Manager 4.2.

I have deployed both applications to the SMP server and have confirmed connection by navigating to https://<smp-server>:8081/SAPWM and https://<smp-server>:8081/SAPIM from a client machine.

Ive also installed both clients for WM and IM onto the client machine (MOB_WM_WPF03_0-80001068.EXE and MOB_IM_WPF02_0-70000828.EXE) which I downloaded from the marketplace.

I can logon to the Work Manager client and start a sync with the server without an issue. I use the above URL for this.

When trying to make a connection using the Inventory manager client Im getting the error:

requesting public key from server

communication failure (14)...

Ive read all I can to try find a solution but nothing proposed has helped.

Is there something im doing wrong?

Please help.