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May 06, 2016 at 01:30 AM

Relationship for Time Confirmation



I have been doing some searching on the topic of Auto-Time Confirmation for PM orders.

I have been seeing discussions on mile stones and sub operations for Production Orders where time confirming one operation will auto confirm another.

However I am no nearer to finding my answer.

I am planning to create a PM work order and want to assign People and a Machine resource to the job.

One Example would be for Road Maintenance


Op.0010 PN**-P01 - Operator x 1 for 12hours

Op.0011 SN**-T01 - Grader x 1 for 12hours

I want to do this so I can plan the capacity for both our operators (as our operators are multi skilled and can be used on different machines) along with being able display and plan to the machine availability.

This however will double the time confirmations required for each job.

In this scenario I am hoping that if Op 0011 has been time confirmed for 12hours, then Op 0010 will automatically be time confirmed for 12 hours.

Another Example may look like this;


PN**-P01 - Operator (capacity is 8 per shift)

SN**-T01 - Grader (capacity is 2 per shift)

SN**-T02 - Water Cart (capacity is 1 per shift)

SN**-T03 - Profiling Excavator (Capacity is 1 per shift)

Work Order Operations:-

0010 - PN**-P01 - Grade Road - 1 - 6hrs

0011 - SN**-T01 - Grade Road - 1 - 6hrs

0020 - PN**-P01 -Execute Road Watering - 1 - 2hrs

0021 - SN**-T02 - Execute Road Watering 1 - 2hrs

0030 - PN**-P01 - Repair Bunding - 1 - 6hrs

0031 - SN**-T03 - Repair Bunding - 1 - 6hrs

I would want to have some relationship with Op 10 & Op11 so when one is time confirmed the other is auto confirmed also.

just the same as Op 20 & 21, 30&31.