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May 05, 2016 at 08:13 PM

Conditional formatting based on a column total in WebI


I have a situation where I am calculating averages in a WebI report which is based on a BEx query.

Column C is my average and is equal to b/a. The bottom line number in grey, 1.67 is a division of the totals for column A and B.

What I want to do is for values greater than the total value of 1.67, color them red. Less than or equal to 1.67 will be colored green.

I have tried creating a variable as a calculation and dimension for sum(B)/Sum(A). The variable I have created for C=B/A. The totals, and hence the averages will change when looking at different time periods.

My final output would look like this:

Your assistance is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



calc_snip.PNG (2.5 kB)
calc_snip1.PNG (2.8 kB)