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May 05, 2016 at 04:27 PM

Correcting effects of MR11 on inventory quantity


MR11 was recently used as a method to clear GRIR of old purchasing receipts that were deemed to be incorrect..

Looking back it appears this has been done for years without the effect on Inventory quantity and MAP being noticed. As people have increased the use of MR11 the true effect of the process is being noticed with incorrectly high inventory quantities and low MAP.

We can reverse the very recent MR11 postings with MR11SHOW, the reverse the PO receipts correctly with a cancellation. Is there a way to correctly the effect of the older MR11 clearings?

Intuitively it seems that the quantity needs to be reduced by the quantity changed in MR11 but nothing is ever that simple. Do we have to update the MAP to the correct value, then consume the excess material to get back to a true quantity and MAP?

Any suggestions on the best way out of this problem we've created?

Thanks in advance!