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May 05, 2016 at 02:25 PM

Wild card character in GRC 10.X - how * can be replaced


Hi Experts,

As per the SAP Note 1133589 - the $ can be replaced by *

That is $ can be used as 'all' or 'any' values in GRC 10 RuleBook.

We have tested the scenario and found that if $ is maintained in the field value then the Risk is showing in case of Role value is manintained as 01,02,03 etc. or even if for * or for blank value also(un maintained Node) - Fine from our perspective.

Wants to know how to replace 200*, *500 kind of values in GRC 10 RuleBook.These values are mentioned in the GRC 5.3 RuleBook and they are working fine there.We tried to test with 200$ and $500 , but the same logic is not working in GRC 10.

Please suggest.