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May 05, 2016 at 12:25 PM

Infoset query - internal error when generating code



We have created some custom fields in table PA0077. I have added those fields to an infoset. I can report on the new fields and their contents appears in the output (they are fields with text table relationship). But when wanting to use these as a selection field and either press hit list or output then I get this error:

Internal error when generating code. "." expected after "PA0077-ZZ_PARENTS_UNIVERSI".

Message No. PAIS100

The full field name PA0077-PARENTS_UNIVERSITY_DEGREE though.

Is it possible that the field name defined for in the table PA0077 is too long to be used in infoset query for selecting by that field? The infoset generates fine though, and gives now warnings?

So I'm thinking if SE11 allows a field name with a certain length it should be allowable in SAP infoset query also, especially if the activation or checking the infoset doesn't give any error.

Thanks in advance for helpful advice.