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May 05, 2016 at 10:53 AM

Custom fields in batch determination for process orders


Hi gurus,

I need to add custom fields in the V01FDP structure to show additional information in the batch determination screen in COR2 transaction for process orders. This part is OK for me and I've already created an append structure with the new fields.

Furthermore, I need to break down the batch quantities that are determined by the standard based on my custom fields. One of my custom fields is named 'Package' and I'm doing the following:

For material XXX and batch NNN, I have 200 KG available. By the standard one line will appear in the batch determination for this batch.

With my logic, stock for batch NNN is broken down in two records:

  • Batch NNNN Package P1 -> 100 KG
  • Batch NNNN Package P2 -> 100 KG

This is working, I can generate different records based on my custom fields, and I can separately assign to the PP order stock for one package or for another, which is great.

But I'm having problems when I re-determine batches once the inicial process has been made. I'm getting unexpected results because I think the system does not take into account my custom fields to determine when a batch has been changed in the determinacion process.

Is there someone with experience in the customization of the batch determination process? I'm using basically the RV01F901 include to put my logic and the screen SAPLV01F - 0100 to make visible the custom fields.

Any kind of help will be appreciate.