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May 05, 2016 at 09:19 AM

Dump be using freely programmed input help with WDR_SELECT_OPTIONS



I need to use a freely programmed input help in my view which is uses WDR_SELECT_OPTIONS component. I have created and tested my input help component (input help associated directly with context element) - it works. I have defined component usage for my IH Component in component which should use it in select options. I have defined the usage in component controller and view as well. During defining the select option I have got the component usage as parameter I_VALUE_HELP_ID and IF_WD_VALUE_HELP_HANDLER=>CO_PREFIX_APPLDEV as a type in parameter I_VALUE_HELP_TYPE. When I start my application the inpute help button appears in my view, but when I click it an error occurs: "ERROR: Die Component Usage F4TEST existiert nicht (termination: RABAX_STATE)".

What have I to do to get it running?