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May 05, 2016 at 09:34 AM

SAP Screen Persona 3.0 suppress or hide parameters passed in URL



I have created my own html page with several navigation's and inserted into HTML Viewer in sap persona initial screen.

For each html link i have assigned URL along with parameters of SAP-PERSONAS-FLAVOR, SAP-PERSONAS-THEME etc which will open that persona flavor with applied theme in new tab similar to session.utils.openUrl(url).

However while rendering different persona flavors based on selected HTML link it would be not be a secure method to let the user know what flavor id or what theme is being applied or what parameter is being passed.

Is there any way to suppress the parameter passed in URL and not let user know since if user is savvy he could manually manipulate the flavor ID or can even call transactions by passing parameters in URL.

Is there a way that user would only see url as http://server:port/sap/bc/personas and parameters are being passed on in background?


Hardik Patel