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May 05, 2016 at 06:31 AM

MD11 -> RESB table


Good morning Experts,

I'm having a strange requirement that I can find the good solution to solve it.

We have 5 customer fields created on table RESB and STPO. What we need is: when a planned order is converted to a production order all these customer fields needs to be filled with the values of STPO table.

I've seen that the entry on RESB is created when the planned order is created using MD11 transaction, but I can't find the correct place where I can change this information and enhance with the customer fields....

I've tried on resb_transfer (LCOSDF2W) and RESB_POST (LCOVBF10) without success....

Do you know if there's any user exit / badi on MD11 or similiar where I can change the values of RESB table?

Thanks in advance for all your support.

Best regards,