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May 04, 2016 at 07:25 PM

How to Restore an ASE Database (12.5.4) using sybase central??



I know this is old topic but i need help

my database is ase11.9 (it is very old ..... yes) but this satisfy what we need

i backup and restore it by using sybase central

before start backup or restore i click to sybase_back up server to wakeup it

then i right mouse choose backup .........


i want to upgrade DB to ase 12.5.4

using sybase central in"D:\sybase_server125\Shared\Sybase Central 4.3\scjview.bat" not scjview.exe i start sybase central

i create device , database

right click to date base choose restore it says "can not open connection to site "syb_backup" see the ....."

how can i restore it??

i want to use sybase central not command prompt as i am not familiar wit cmd



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