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May 04, 2016 at 02:20 PM

Table Replication Failed in SAP SLT...No Error log found


Hello SLT Experts,

I am replicating table VBUK using SAP SLT to HANA Database using transaction LTRC.

The data flow is like this SAP ECC -> SAP SLT -> HANA database.

But it fails to generate Triggers in source system (SAP ECC) and the replication ends in failure status.

I tried to find out if any frozen or old triggers are sitting in SAP ECE using transaction IUUC_REMOTE, but could not find any existing triggers in ECC.

Also, there is no error log recorded in SAP SLT or SAP ECC system on why the replication failed.

Here are system details for DMIS.

DMIS Info for Replication Server:

Release: 2011_1_731

Support Package Level : 0009

DMIS Info for Source System:

Release: 2011_1_700

Support Package Level : 0009

Can you share few insights on this problem?


SLT SCN Issue.JPG (31.9 kB)