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May 04, 2016 at 02:25 PM

Please help with MSSQL Server 2014 installation


Dear experts,

I will soon be performing a heterogeneous system copy with the MS platform as a target system.

The DB has to be MSSQL Server 2014. I am getting very frustrated on how to get the installation

media, as I only see the SQL4SAP media in the download area on the marketplace.

This will only be an evaluation system, so I was looking for a download location of an evaluation

version of SQL Server 2014 Enterprise edition on Microsoft's website.

I found this:

but it nowhere says what edition it is, I doubt, that it is the Enterprise edition...

Additionally, I would be thankful, if you advise, whether to install it directly, or to use the SQL4SAP

media from the marketplace ?

I briefly went through the installation guide, but unfortunately, it is very scarce on really practical


Many thanks in advance!