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May 04, 2016 at 01:38 PM

SAP GRC AC 10.1 ARM - Access Request Simulation Button Visibility


Hello folks,

I've been trying to find some way to hide the Simulation Button in the Access Request Approval View.

There is a relevant SAP note existing in regards to this matter (1835754) which though didn't provide the expected result.

Instead the regular Risk analysis within the Risk Violations tab is being restricted for executing approver and the simulation button is still visible.

Maybe some of you can share my problem or provide some insight into this matter?

Thank you all!

Here is also the step-by-step description of my problem:

1. Removing Report Type 70 from assigned role, generate profile and check user comparison

2. Run Risk Analysis in Risk Violations Tab

3. Notice, that Simulations is still shown in User Access tab

4. Also Simulation popup window can be opened.

5. Performing Risk Analysis in the Simulation Popup does not work though.

6. When Clicking on the Apply-Button in the Simulation pop-up window it does though have the effect onto setting the traffic light onto status “Risk Analysis not done” irrespective of whether it was red or green (Risk found /not found) before.


SNAG-0858.png (31.8 kB)
SNAG-0859.png (5.4 kB)
SNAG-0860.png (9.1 kB)
SNAG-0861.png (7.9 kB)
SNAG-0862.png (7.1 kB)
SNAG-0863.png (2.5 kB)
SNAG-0864.png (6.1 kB)