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May 04, 2016 at 11:28 AM

Dashboard History Issue SAP LVM 2.1 Enterprise Edition


Dear SCN/LVM Experts,

We are facing SAP downtime history issues in SAP LVM Dashboards,

We have weekend backup strategy for SAP QAS server every Saturday QAS system down for offline backup.

SAP LVM isn't showing downtime status for every week QAS down or QAS down for sudden problems, I am attaching screenshots of QAS system weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly

Check the below screenshots:

for Weekly & Monthly dashboards under monitoring LVM giving me QAS downtime status for 30th April 2016 but for Quarter/90 Days & 365 days LVM giving downtime status for 13th March 2016. My question is this why not downtime status for every Saturday & both 13th March/30th April downtime in 90 Days or 365 days.

Please suggest the solution. I assume it should give me all downtime either in every graph 90 days/365 days.





Waiting for solution.

Best Regards,

Qazi Jamil


Weekly.jpg (256.1 kB)
30 Days.jpg (254.1 kB)
Quarterly.jpg (260.9 kB)
Yearly.jpg (262.2 kB)