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May 04, 2016 at 08:07 AM

How to retrieve current server and UID of the dashboard?



our goal is, to have a dashboard, that can be called with different URL Parameters for selection and navigation state.

All the startup scripting is doing fine.

We also want to provide a functionality within the dashboard to create the correct URL (with parameters) for the current selection of the user.

For several reasons the bookmark functionality in DS 1.5 is not working sufficient for us.

Is there a way to retrieve the current server for creating the URL, like


Furthermore I would need the UID of the dashboard.

APPLICATION.getInfo() only deliveres the name, but not the UID.

Each example I found (e.g. is working with fixed URL strings.

Background for this requirement:

We have a 2 system landscape. Changing the URL string after promoting to productive system is not an option.

From time to time we use a copy of the dashboard for testing and further development.

Working with the UID of the current dashboard (version) would be great. This way we would not 'forget' to change the UID within the URL string.

SDK components are not welcome at the moment. There are some restrictions within the company...

Any hints, ideas and comments are welcome.

If more explanations are needed, just ask. 😉