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May 04, 2016 at 06:28 AM

different doc type, same vendor, same output message, different medium


@moderators: I have searched extensively about this scenario, on every forum online, wiki, documentation.

this is NOT a question about output message determination (which I know how to set)

you are kindly requested to read the question until the end and not to reject the question.


Vendor ABC

Doc type NB or ZNB

message output NEU

transmission medium: 1 if doc type is NB, 5 if doc type is ZNB.

settings in MN04 have been maintained

when using doc type ZNB the message is not generated but if I create a new vendor master for the same vendor and use it for the ZNB document type , it works.

I was under the impression that since the access sequence we use is Doc type/Porg/vendor, by using a different doc type the same vendor could be used for different medium transmission in NEU.

is this correct? is there any special settings we must maintain for that?